All About (GenAI) Artificial Intelligence


Generative AI, also known as GenAI, is a rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating models capable of generating new content, such as text, images, and even code. This technology has generated a significant amount of hype in recent years, with promises of increased productivity, creativity, and automation. However, as with any emerging technology, it is important to separate the realistic potential from the overreaching hype. In this article, we will explore the current state of generative AI, its potential benefits, and the factors that will determine its long-term success.

The Hype Cycle

We are currently in the midst of a generative AI hype cycle, where the technology is being touted as a solution to a wide range of problems. However, as the hype fades, we will be left with increased investments in deep learning and machine learning, which may be GenAI's biggest contribution to AI. While some may view this as a disappointment, it is important to recognize that generative AI has already made significant advancements in various fields, such as software development, knowledge democratization, and creativity augmentation. 

Realistic Potential

GenAI offers several unique advantages that set it apart from past technologies. These include its ability to democratize knowledge and creativity through augmentation, lower the skills premiums traditionally required for certain tasks, and enable developers to focus on higher-value coding. Additionally, GenAI has the potential to revolutionize HR applications, as major vendors are already discussing how to integrate the technology into their platforms.

.... Written by GenAI  

Today's Solutions

We have been living with AI for a long time but in late 2022 we saw the rise of Open AI's ChatGPT. This bought a service offering that made AI openly accessible to the masses, and then the world realised the potential of GenAI in their personal and business lives. Since then, ChatGPT has written thousands of news articles, business documents and caught out many new grads for fraudulent assignments.

Today we want to look at two different solutions, Perplexity AI and Microsoft Copilot. We focus on these as they present the two different paths we see people using GenAI. The reason we choose these two will be evident below but we will be look the advantages and disadvantages as both. At all times, we feel like you should also be mindful and review what is right for you and your business is essential, this is just commentary on the current status of GenAI.

Perplexity AI


The Good

  • Its easy to access with no sign in
  • Web based outcomes
  • Shows references

The Bad

  • It is learning from you!
  • ChatGPT 3 (outdated system now)
  • Only public information
  • No Integration

This is a free alternative to ChatGPT that provides references for sources so you can confirm it's accuracy. It provides an easy to use interface that works on mobile and desktops.

The biggest problem with ChatGPT and alternatives, like Perplexity, is that they are using and learning from you. Your prompts are being recorded, they are training the GenAI, and it can expose your data to the public. You should not use this with any company or confidential data. As a reference you can Samsung's data leak of IP through ChatGPT or Apple banning access to ChatGPT.

Corp IT recommend staff to use this with caution or creating policy to have staff not use it at all. If this can't be done, we would echo that staff should never put any company data/IP into tools like this.

Microsoft 365 Copilot


The Good

  • It is secured in your own tenant
  • It knows your data and understands your permissions
  • It is integrated with Office, Windows and the 365 eco system
  • Latest supported Large Language Model (LLM)

The Bad

  • Its not out yet
  • It is estimated at USD$30/user/month

Microsoft 365 Copilot is Microsoft's new Enterprise Ready AI. It combines the power of LLMs, including GPT-4, with the Microsoft 365 apps and your business data in the Microsoft Graph.

As Copilot securely has access to your data, it has a unique opportunity to provide something no other GenAI can. It can build content based on your own writing, by drawing on your emails. It can understand your business by quickly drawing from all of the content available (to you) in your M365 Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive libraries.

The key to all of this is use usability without sacrificing security. Copilot isn't trained on your tenant data or your prompts. Within your tenant, current permissions ensures that data won’t leak across user groups, users or apps.

Unfortunately, all of this comes at a hefty cost.Microsoft are expected to charge USD$30/user/month. This is almost as much as the entire Microsoft 365 Business Premium suite. So the only consideration that needs to be made, is will it provide that much time/value back.